About Us


Black Film Fest ATL (BFF-ATL) is a niche market film festival held annually during the final week of Summer (3rd week in September) on the Southside of Atlanta, Georgia. Founded in 2018 by an award-winning independent Atlanta-based filmmaker, this non-profit organization serves as a conduit for feature films of multicultural diaspora and provides a creative environment where minority filmmakers can showcase their latest creations to diverse audiences in hopes of attracting reputable producers, sales agents, aggregators, and acquisition executives of movie studios, cable / tv networks, production companies, and streaming service platforms.

Aside from exhibiting non-studio produced films, the primary goal of Black Film Fest ATL (BFF-ATL) is to assist in the growth and the development of independent filmmakers seeking to further satisfy their creative prowess, thus earning the moniker “A Filmmaker’s Festival”. As such, the annual Black Film Fest ATL (BFF-ATL) hopes to attract talented new and experienced indie filmmakers along with an impressive network of film industry movers and shakers.

Showcasing Independent Feature
Films, Shorts, Pitches and Comedy
to the Southside of Atlanta

The success of an indie filmmaker relies heavily on building and engaging an audience. After each feature screening, post-film discussions allow our audiences to ask questions, receive answers, and share their ideas. Based on current research data, the following represents potential movie-going audiences in the Atlanta market:



• Our target market is a diverse audience of savvy, social media driven, movie-goers in the 18 – 54 demo

• As of 2020, African-Americans (blacks) constitute the nation’s largest racial minority market

• The combined buying power of blacks, Asians, and Hispanics is estimated to be greater than $2.2 trillion